Foot Orgasm Syndrome


During orgasm, extension of the feet with curling of the toes is a normal phenomenon.

However, in rare instances, people may experience sensations on a foot or both feet that are directly related to the genitals (vagina or penis) during sexual activity (e.g., during sexual arousal, orgasm or ejaculation).


Prof. dr. Marcel D. Waldinger, a Dutch neuropsychiatrist, investigates this relationship.

He recently published the case of a woman who felt spontaneous orgasms in her left foot 5-6 times a day, at moments when she was not sexually aroused. But also during sexual contact with her husband she first experienced an orgasm in her genitals which was immediately followed by an orgasm in her left foot.

Extensive investigation by Dr. Waldinger and his co-workers made it plausible that the brain of this woman could not differentiate which information came from her left foot and which information came from her genitals. As a result, the brain decided that sensory information from the left foot was identical to the information from the vagina. Thus, the brain translated information from the foot as being an orgasm.

Based on this hypothesis, it was decided to perform an anesthesia of her left S1 dorsal root ganglion (the location at the back where the nerve of the foot enters the spinal cord). After this procedure, the spontaneous foot orgasms had fully disappeared. The phenomenon was called Foot Orgasm Syndrome (FOS).


If you also experience a sensation of your feet co-occurring with sexual arousal or lubrication or orgasm or ejaculation or erection, or a combination of them, do not hesitate and make contact with Dr. Waldinger, who wil give you an e-mail reply.

Hopefully, your experiences may contribute to a better knowledge of this sofar difficult to understand relationship between the foot and the genitals.


Reference: Marcel D. Waldinger, MD, PhD, FECSM; Govert J de Lint, PT; Ad PG van Gils MD, PhD; Farhad Masir, MD; Egbert Lakke, MD, PhD; Ruben S van Coevorden, MD and Dave H. Schweitzer, MD.PhD. Foot Orgasm Syndrome: A Case Report in a Woman. J Sex Medicine, June 2013 (e-pub)